Saturday, 7 April 2018

Week 9 Term 1

On Thursday we had a school wide challenge to come to school by walking, on a scooter, bike or roller blades. The school grounds were open at 8am for the fun to start! Amy had set out courses to ride, a coffee cart was on site, music, raffles and heaps of happy faces!

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Every Thursday we get together with Room 6 for singing. This week we had to have curtain monitors because the wind kept blowing the curtains up and letting the sunshine in!

This week Mack came back to pay us an early morning visit. He went for a wee adventure down the hall which was short lived! He is adorable!

This week we sadly said goodbye to Harper and her family. They have gone back to Christchurch to live. We wish them well :)

Well done to everyone for a fabulous Term 1. The children seem to have bonded really well and I only have praise for them. Thank you for your support. Have a happy and safe week.

Saturday, 24 March 2018

Week 7 Term 1

On Wednesday Caroline took us to the Suter Art Gallery for an exhibition workshop called ' The Unseen'.

The Unseen is an art / science / school / community collaborative art project in Nelson involving around 1,500 local school children. Participants have the opportunity to learn about scientific research occurring in their area and help make part of an artwork too. Through the workshop, we are trying to make what is usually UNSEEN in our landscape due to scale, size, or location – visible.

Gabby O'Connor has worked with fifteen local schools to make a giant collaborative outdoor drawing around themes to do with local scientific study. We had the opportunity to view and work with the artist to add to this public artwork. Through the project we learnt about scientific research occurring in our region and helped to make part of a public artwork too.

Gabby hopes that through The UNSEEN students become ambassadors for both the art project and the scientific knowledge they gain through the project, as they are the custodians and inheritors of the changing climate.

At the conclusion of the public display of The UNSEEN in Nelson in 2018, the artwork will be broken down into smaller parts, stored and then reconfigured for an exhibition at the Gus Fisher Gallery in Auckland in 2020. This exhibition will form the conclusion of O’Connor’s PhD research project and will also include artefacts and documentation of the artworks that includes books, drawings and photographs as well as a reconfigured rope sculptural installation.

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Saturday, 17 March 2018

Week 6 Term 1

During maths this week we have been working on addition making 10's and whole numbers. We were looking at all the ways we can make 20. Children came up with numerous creative ideas. What was evident throughout was how maths is made up of so many patterns.

We had a very special visitor this week when Tessa brought in her Grandma's puppy. He is called Mac and is absolutely adorable! He was very fast so consequently a little difficult to capture a photo!!!

On Wednesday we had a special treat and had a training session with two players from the Makos team. We warmed up with a couple of games of seaweed and then got into passing skills. We learnt our thumbs need to face the direction of where we want to throw the ball. One hand guides and the other is the 'muscle machine' to throw.

On Thursday 22nd of March there is a paid union meeting for teachers to attend. If possible we are asking parents to collect children at 2pm on that day. If you are unable to collect your child then they will be supervised at school. Either way I will need tobe advised so that remaining staff will know numbers of children.

The school community group are running a raffle to raise money towards our outdoor whare. We are asking children to donate non perishable goods. Tickets will be on sale as of the 26th March outside the library.

Many thanks for your support.
Have a happy and safe week.

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Week 5 Term 1

This week during reading we have been working on the long vowel 'i'. Differentiating between syllables and sounds was also another focus. For example, the word night has only one syllable but three sounds, n-igh-t.

We have been trying very hard to keep our hallway tidy with huge success!

With our buddies this week we were teaching them to fold their milk cartons. It is harder than it looks for little hands!

Friday funday....

The School Community Group is organising a fundraising raffle. We are asking children and families to donate a non perishable item to put in a grocery hamper. We will be collecting them from next week. Thank you for your support.
Thank you to all those parents who came in for the Goal Setting Interviews. These were a huge success. I appreciate your commitment to your child's learning.
If you drop your child off at school before the 8.30am bell has rang please note that we are asking the children to enter the school grounds outside the staffroom area to wait for the bell. This is a health and safety measure until we have the large tree pruned.
Have a happy and safe week!

Saturday, 3 March 2018

Week 4 Term 1

We got together with our buddies this week for a photo shoot. A couple of friends were missing but we will catch up with them soon.

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Building of all sorts was a major attraction during Discovery Time this week.

Next week on Monday and Tuesday we have Goal Setting Interviews. I see that many of you have made appointments. Thank you so much for taking the time to come and discuss your child's learning.
On Wednesday it is school photos. I am not sure what time this will be but it will be before swimming at 11am.
During maths time we will continue to work on our addition using our knowledge of tens. 

Have a happy and safe week :)

Saturday, 24 February 2018

Week 3 Term 1

On Monday evening we had 'Meet the Teacher' and our annual School Community Picnic Tea. The rain held off for us and a very pleasant evening was had by all.

During Discovery Time there are always so many opportunities to share, cooperate and work as a team, negotiate, take turns, express creativity, fill our tummies while learning to 'slide the knife along the butter as opposed to digging it in!' and of course to have fun. This week we were attempting to lower our voices during the session. We were so much better than last week :)

Wednesday afternoon is our library and computer day. We usually exchange our books first and then go on the computers. So far we have been learning how to log in, locate and create artwork using Tuxpaint, open a blank word document, download a picture and save into our file. Luckily we have many experts in the class to help each other.

On Friday we met up with our buddy class and were assigned a small buddy from Renwick 1. It is an enjoyable responsibility to be a 'big buddy' and Room 5 are taking this challenge on with gusto! Watch out for the photos in the classroom.

Thank you again for your support and cooperation in regard to the school closing on Tuesday. Although there was little damage around the school is always better to err on the side of caution when it comes to the safety of our children.

During maths we have been working telling the time and the concept of time. I was impressed with how much the children thought they could achieve in just one minute. Depending on the activity a minute can seem very long or very slow. Somehow I was talked into doing a plank for a minute to prove my point!! The majority of children have mastered the o'clock and half past. We embarked on the quarter past and quarter to which proved to be difficult for many. Learning to tell the time is a great topic to teach at home as well if you are wanting some extra maths to do.
Next week we will start addition and subtraction looking at tens.

Our reading programme is set to start Monday. I have been listening to the children read and have been very impressed with their skills. For reading homework some children will bring home a reader from school to reread and others can read a book of choice from home. Any questions please come and see or email me.

Have a happy and safe week.

Week 9 Term 1

On Thursday we had a school wide challenge to come to school by walking, on a scooter, bike or roller blades. The school grounds were open a...